Quality Dance Wear for all Classes


What To Wear

At Freesoles Dance we have a branded uniform for all classes.

Appropriate uniform is imperative for safe and correct learning because it shows the alignment and posture of each dancer.
Our uniform has been specially selected to enhance this, and allows our teachers to assess exactly what each child requires in order to further their learning and technical understanding of their chosen dance style.

Our uniform is not split into 'boys' and 'girls'. We encourage pupils to wear what they feel comfortable in for class. This can either be a leotard, or a Freesoles t-shirt and leggings/cycling shorts. Whilst we are happy for children to choose their uniform for comfort and individuality in class, the IDTA sets the rules for what is to be worn in examinations.

Printed items cannot be returned so if you have any questions please ask us BEFORE ordering. Follow the links below to purchase uniform and you will find size guides on each item.

Ballet/Tap/Theatre Craft


From babies class right up to the end of Primary Grade.
Lilac skirted leotard with the Freesoles logo.
Ballet socks to match the dancer's skin tone (no tights!)
Ballet shoes to match the socks.
Black tap shoes with with velcro or elastic fastenings (no laces).

Option 2: Freesoles vest worn with black cycling shorts.
See below for socks, tights, and shoes.

Examination Regulation Uniform
Girls: Freesoles skirted leotard with skin-colour ballet socks and matching ballet shoes/black tap shoes.
Boys: Black cycling shorts with Freesoles vest or Freesoles lavender leotard and skin-colour ballet socks, matching ballet shoes/black tap shoes.


Ballet/Tap/Theatre Craft

Grade 1 Upwards

Lavender belted leotard.
Skin colour ballet tights.
Ballet shoes to match tights, and black tap shoes.
Skirt: optional but this is not worn for exams.
Option 2: leotard or Freesoles vest worn with black cycling shorts.

See below for skirts, socks, tights, and shoes.

Examination Regulation Uniform
Girls: Freesoles lavender leotard with belt, skin-colour tights, with matching ballet shoes/black tap shoes.
Boys: Black cycling shorts with Freesoles vest or Freesoles lavender leotard, and skin-colour ballet socks, matching ballet shoes/black tap shoes.

belted leo.PNG

Acrobatics/Aerial Hoop

All Ages

Our 3/4 sleeve purple Freesoles leotard is perfect for dancers of all ages taking aerial hoop, acrobatics, and modern/contemporary classes. This leotard can be paired with skin colour footless dance tights, Freesoles leggings, plain black leggings, or black cycling shorts.
Alternatively, pupils can wear a Freesoles vest with black cycling shorts.
Bare feet - no socks or shoes of any kind.

Regulation acrobatics examination uniform:
No shoes, socks, or other footwear.
Male: black cycling shorts with Freesoles vest/leotard.
Female: Freesoles 3/4 sleeve leotard with footless with skin-coloured footless dance tights, or bare legs.

3-4 sleeve leo.PNG


All Ages

Freesoles vest, t-shirt, or leotard paired with plain black joggers, leggings, or cycling shorts, or Freesoles branded leggings.
Ballroom & Latin only: knee length skirt and appropriate shoes (see below for shoes).

Latin & Ballroom examination uniform:
Knee length skirt or dress. White frilly ankle socks for dancers aged 11 and under. Silver shoes (see below).

No socks, shoes, or other footwear.


Street Dance/Freestyle

All Ages

Wondering what to wear for street dance classes?

As long as it's our Freesoles branded uniform, you pretty much have free reign over what you wear!

Options include:

• Freesoles leotard

• Freesoles t-shirt

• Freesoles vest

• Freesoles leggings

• Freesoles hoodie/sweatshirt

• Plain black leggings/joggers
• Black dance trainers


Ballet Skirts


We want to celebrate individuality and pride in our dancers so we've teamed up with local business Maewear to bring you beautiful ballet skirts!


From Grade 1 upwards, ballet pupils are welcome to wear any ballet skirt of their choosing for class. Here you see a small selection of what's available.


To see the full Maewear range and order yours, click here.

Don't forget to enter code FSD after your name at checkout so they know you're a Freesoles dancer!



Appropriate footwear is essential for all classes. Below you will find links to purchase the shoes, socks, and tights you need.
Buy shoes, tights, and socks here.

Aspire-Ballet-Shoes-Bronze (1).jpg


Should always match the dancer's skin tone. We recommend full-sole leather ballet shoes (although we know this isn't possible in all shades).

For babies to the end of primary grade, dancers wear socks to match skin colour as closely as possible.

From grade 1 upwards dancers wear ballet tights to match their skin colour/shoes. Our uniform supplier has tights in 12 different shades.
Dancers will only wear pointe shoes when this is recommended by their dance teacher (minimum of grade 5).

Buy brown shoes here
Buy tan shoes here

Buy brown/tan ballet socks here
Buy socks/tights/pink shoes here

tap shoes.jpg


Black tap shoes for all grades.
For infant classes we recommend velcro or elastic fastenings so we do not spend class time tying laces for each child. Once your dancers can reliably tie their own laces, we are happy for them to have any black tap shoe.

For babies through to the end of primary grade.

For grade 1 upwards

Buy tap shoes here.


Ballroom & Latin

Ballroom & Latin classes require a special shoe with a small heel.
Our dancers wear the open toe silver shoe, or a black closed toe character shoe (no other colours).

Correct footwear is essential for the safe and correct execution of these dance styles.

Buy here.


Street Dance/Freestyle

Black dance sneakers (not outdoor shoes) are to be worn for street dance, with black socks.
Buy here.

bare feet.PNG

Aerial Hoop, Acro, Contemporary

These classes require bare feet for grip and safe dancing.


Optional Extras

Arrive in style with our snuggly hoodies, keep moving with our vests and leggings, and carry your dance shoes in our Freesoles bag! Most items can be personalised with your name. Click any photo to visit our merch website and find out more.
All apparel is available in kids' and adults' sizes.