Printed items (leotards, t-shirts, hoodies, bags) are currently unavailable for purchase as we are in the process of changing suppliers. We will send an announcement via Classlist when our new store is ready.
See below for links to shoes, tights, and socks.

At Freesoles we understand how important it is to feel part of a community, and this is exactly what our uniform promotes.

Appropriate uniform is imperative for safe and correct learning, because it shows the alignment and posture of each dancer.
Our uniform has been specially selected to enhance this, and allows our teachers to assess exactly what each child requires in order for further their learning and technical understanding of their chosen dance style.

We get lots of questions about which shoes/socks to buy, so please read the guidance below for all the answers. We have included links to help you out. The image at the bottom of the page shows correct uniform for each dance style.

Socks, Tights, and Shoes

Ballet attire is designed to elongate the leg lines, so having shoes and socks/tights that match is important.

In a move away from advising that all pupils should wear pink, we now request that all ballet pupils wear socks/tights/shoes that match their skin colour as closely as possible.

This is a change we have wanted to make for a long time, but until very recently the provisions were simply not available in the UK. Shoes and tights, or shoes and socks should be the same colour as each other.
We do not mean that you should rush out and buy new shoes or tights; we are simply updating our policy to be more inclusive and you can update next time your dancer grows out of their current uniform.

Ballet Tights
Ballet tights should match the colour of your skin as closely as possible. Ideally your arms and legs will look the same colour. Tights are worn from Grade 1 upwards.
This link will take you to tights that are available in 12 different shades: HERE
These are also convertible tights, which means they have a hole in the sole. This makes it easier for dancers switching to classes where they need bare feet (e.g. acro/modern/contemporary) so they don’t have to get undressed and dressed again to have bare feet.

Ballet Socks
Pupils from baby ballet up to the end of Primary Grade wear socks. Grade 1 upwards wear tights.
‘Bronze’ and ‘brown’ socks: HERE
‘Pink’ (white) and ‘suntan’: HERE 

Ballet Shoes
The range of shades in which we can buy ballet shoes is expanding. Currently we have three main shades available: theatrical pink which is what most of our dancers wear now, tan which is a darker skin colour and less pinky, and cocoa which is a darker brown. See below for links to these shoes.
Cocoa: HERE 
Tan: HERE 
Pink: HERE 
We imagine it may well be the case that many of our pupils will need to stay in the same pink shoes and tights they are currently wearing.

Tap Shoes
We are less strict with the colour of tap shoes, but your tights/socks should still match your skin colour. Tap shoes with Velcro can be much easier for younger dancers to use, but we leave this up to you. Grade 1 upwards may wear Teletones on their tap shoes.
Velcro: HERE
Laces: HERE 

Street Dance/Freestyle/Musical Theatre Shoes
All dancers wear black dance sneakers. There are many styles available, example: HERE

Ballroom & Latin Shoes
Option A: HERE 
Option B: HERE

Acro, Modern, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Aerial Hoop
No shoes, bare feet.

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