Printed items (leotards, t-shirts, hoodies, bags) can be purchased here.
Wash your uniform at a cool temperature with similar colours. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

At Freesoles we understand how important it is to feel part of a community, and this is exactly what our uniform promotes.

Appropriate uniform is imperative for safe and correct learning because it shows the alignment and posture of each dancer.
Our uniform has been specially selected to enhance this, and allows our teachers to assess exactly what each child requires in order to further their learning and technical understanding of their chosen dance style.

If you have any questions please ask us BEFORE ordering.

Ballet & Tap

Skirted leotard.
From babies right up to the end of primary grade.

Worn with ballet socks and ballet shoes to match your skin colour.

Ballet shoes available through the following links in dark brown, tan, and pink.

Tap shoes with velcro fastening.

Belted leotard.

From grade 1 upwards.
Worn with ballet tights and shoes to match your skin colour.

Ballet shoes available through the following links in dark brown, tan, and pink.

If the dancer can tie their own laces they can wear tap shoes with laces.

Optional: dancers may wear a ballet skirt of their choosing for class.

Option 2 for ballet & tap.

Any age.

Purple Freesoles t-shirt (should be tight fitting) with black cycling shorts.

Worn with socks and shoes to match the dancer's skin colour as above.

Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Ballroom & Latin

Purple Freesoles t-shirt.

Plain black leggings or joggers.
Black dance sneakers (street dance & musical theatre)
Ballroom/Latin two options for shoes: one and two

Acrobatics, Aerial Hoop, Contemporary, Modern

Option 1

3/4 sleeve Freesoles leotard.

Acro, modern & contemporary wear with bare legs or skin-coloured footless tights.

Aerial hoop wear with plain black full length leggings.

Bare feet for all classes.

Option 2

Freesoles t-shirt worn with black cycling shorts (acro, modern, contemporary)

Full length black leggings for aerial hoop.

Bare feet for all classes.

Adult Classes

Adults are encouraged to wear what they feel comfortable in for class, as long as it is safe and allows free movement.

We do have a range of items available in adult sizes including leotards, hoodies, and t-shirts.

Optional Extras

We stock a range of extra items such as back packs, drawstring bags, zip up hoodies, pullover hoodies, and sweatshirts. Click here to see the full range.

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