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Ages 2-4
Saturdays 09:00-09:30 and 09:30-10:00 at Hessle Town Hall.

Ages 3 - 5
Tuesdays 17:00-17:50 on Holderness Road, Hull.

Toddler in this class are accompanied by a suitable grown up over the age of 16.
We spend lots of time using fun, themed dances - we might be in the jungle, under the sea, or travelling by car or aeroplane! We focus on gross motor skills, socialising, and getting used to the dance studio setting.



Ages 5-8

Saturdays at Hessle Town Hall
Ballet & Tap 09:00 & 10:00
Street Dance 11:00

Acrobatics 12:00

Mondays at Hessle Town Hall
Ballet & Tap 17:30

At this age, we start to learn different dance skills depending on the class. Dancers are building strength, coordination, and flexibility.