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Freesoles Dance Classes

At Freesoles, we offer a wide array of dance styles. Explore the list below to learn more about what we provide. 

Gymnast Mid-air


Discover the thrill of Acro Dance, our dynamic floor-based gymnastics class designed to get you upside down! Starting at age 4, we take you on a journey from mastering gross motor skills, balance, and coordination to executing impressive tumbles, aerials, and walkovers. Embrace the excitement of learning and mastering new tricks and combinations whilst enhancing your strength and flexibility. In addition to learning tricks you will combine contemporary/lyrical dance to create acrobatic sequences and transitions between tricks. 


Baby Boogie

Introducing your little ones to the world of dance through exploration, play, and movement. Dancers aged 2-4 years are accompanied by a grown up who will help them walk, run, skip, jump, splash in imaginary puddles, crawl through the jungle, and pilot their own aeroplane! Baby Boogie classes are always driven by fun, with a core of age appropriate activities rooted in a clear understanding of child development.



Welcome to the world of Ballet, where grace, meets strength in an inspiring journey through classical dance. We offer classes for dancers of all ages and ability, with the main focus of developing strong balletic technique, flexibility and musicality. From basic positions and barre exercises to advanced combinations and choreography, our experienced teachers provide personalised guidance to help pupils achieve poise and confidence. Join us and experience the beauty and elegance of ballet!



Step into the rhythm and excitement of our tap dancing classes! perfect for dancers of all ages and abilities, our classes focus on developing precision, timing, and creativity. You'll learn everything from basic tap steps, to intricate routines, all set to lively music that keeps your feet moving to the beat. In a fun and supporting environment, you'll quickly find your groove and improve your technique. Join us and let your feet do the talking!

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom & Latin

Step into the glitterball world of Ballroom and Latin!

Perfect for dancers aged 13+, our class captures the glitz and the glamour of Ballroom dance, just like on your favorite TV shows. Learn classic styles such as the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and cha-cha, guided by our expert teacher. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your technique, you'll gain confidence, poise and rhythm on the dance floor. Dance like the stars and shine in our Strictly Style Ballroom class!



Think West end shows and cabaret! Theatrecraft dance is an enchanting fusion of dance, drama and storytelling that brings the magic of the stage to life! This captivating style combines, ballet, jazz and commercial dance with theatrical expression to create performance pieces. Perfect for aspiring performers of all ages, theatrecraft emphasises character development, expressive movement and choreography.

Break Dance Crew

Street Dance/Freestyle

Unleash your energy with out Street Dance and Freestyle classes. Suitable for children aged 5+, this class is perfect for children and teens eager to learn current dance moves to the latest beats! Our dynamic class blends the energetic styles of hip-hop and freestyle, where you will learn to move to the beat with confidence and creativity. You will learn how to master cool moves and impressive routines in a supportive and fun environment. 

Dance Performance


Embark on a journey of emotion and expression with our contemporary/lyrical dance! Designed for dancers of all ages and levels, this class combines the fluidity of contemporary dance with the storytelling of lyrical movement. You will explore powerful choreography that captivates audiences, from graceful extensions to dynamic lifts and tricks. Currently we do contemporary/lyrical within our acrobatic class as it helps to refine control, balance and spatial awareness, making it easier to execute impressive tricks and transitions. 

Dance Choreographer

Adult Classes

Step into the world of dance with our welcoming and fun adult dance classes. We currently run adult ballet and tap classes. and whether you're a former dancer looking to reignite your passion or a complete novice, our open-level classes cater to all skill levels and backgrounds. Our experienced teachers will meet you exactly where you are on your dance journey, providing personalised guidance and support. No judgement, no pressure-just pure enjoyment, as you dance your cares away with a group of like minded adults!


Select your venue below to view our timetable.


Hessle Memorial Hall

1A Salisbury St Hessle HU13 0SE


Hessle Community Centre

The Hourne, Hessle HU13 9LJ


D'Angelo Dance Academy
Hull Road, Hedon, HU12 8DN

Join Us Today

Follow the link below to book a three-week trial for just £15.

With no contracts and no obligation to join, you can come along, get a feel for the school, and see for yourself what our current pupils love about Freesoles Dance!

We offer a three-week trial because that's how long it usually takes for new dancers to settle into the school, feel comfortable, and make an informed decision about whether they would like to stay.

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