Dance Styles


Ballet is a core discipline and a key technical skill for anyone intending to make a career out of dancing. Ballet offers co ordination, balance, discipline, grace and is one of the most beautiful dance styles to watch. At Freesoles we are passionate about the ballet we teach, it is an art form with a great history, great tradition and fantastic possibilities in today’s world.

We offer ballet classes for both boys and girls from 2 years upward. With beginners classes, adults classes, children’s classes, IDTA grades and syllabus work and professional performers qualifications. We have a class for all ages and all abilities.

Gymnastic Dance

We offer basic gymnastic dance classes for new starters of all ages. Gymnastic dance combines the ‘tricks and tumbles’ of the gymnastic world with the grace and elegance of dance. Work includes gymnastic and dance work with hoops, ribbons and other appropriate props and pupils take IDTA gymnastic dance qualifications. Currently running classes for beginners and juniors but all enquiries are welcome.

Lyrical & Contemporary

Ever fancied trying one of those beautiful lyrical dances you see on the TV shows. This is the class for you. This class combines dance styles in a more creative way allowing dancers to look at movement differently and choreograph new movement and new styles of dance. A very creative class and an ideal alternative for those who love to dance but would like to try something a bit different. Classes available for all ages and, for older pupils, an ideal supporting class for GCSE and A level dance pathways.

Modern Jazz

A modern and lively dance style. Technical and challenging but fun and rewarding modern jazz includes fast and slow movement and a range of steps and styles. Classes are taught from 4 years upward through to professional performers. All enquiries welcome. Exams can be Taken in IDTA modern jazz from 4 years upwards.

Musical Theatre

Classes which combine singing, acting and drama. This is the perfect class for musical theatre fans providing an opportunity to recreate the numbers from all the shows and learn the skills needed to perform them well. IDTA examinations can be taken in Musical Theatre with Freesoles dance.

Street Dance & Freestyle

Lively fast paced dance styles using modern trends, fashions and music. Freestyle and street are great fun and high energy classes using all the popular moves you will see in films and music videos. Both street and Freestyle are great dance styles to get involved in if you want to try dance competitions and medal work.


Tap dance is an intricate dance form with emphasis on rhythm and the percussive sound of the tap shoes. A traditional dance form incorporating a range of styles of dance tap is fun, expressive, (and noisy!!) and an important dance form. Classes taught from 4 years upwards, all enquiries welcome. IDTA tap exams entered at this school.